Tracking Features

Think of logistics as a competitive advantage. The numbers say it: an increasing number of companies that entrust the management of warehouse and transport activities to specialized partners; an increasing number of case histories. Companies choose to rely on specialized partners with the objective that we could define with a generic term of optimizing tarif ongkir.

Logistics as an advantage to invest in

If we take the example of a manufacturing company, the  operations  related to the organization, management, and strategies that govern the  flows  of materials and information (from supply to delivery of the finished product and after sales)  account  for an average  of 46% of the annual turnover  , almost half. Considering logistics as a competitive advantage means, first of all, being clear that logistics involves a certain amount of commitment and resources, and the biggest mistake is to limit yourself to the narrow scope of the here and now, not beyond the short term. Without a project, without an a priori evaluation, the process cannot be very long. Going random almost never pays. Maybe never.

competitive advantages of outsourced logistics

Logistics, as the competitive advantage of entrusting the service to a specialized (and therefore external) partner, derives from the support that the company can receive, in the form of   qualitatively  performing inputs , able to go beyond the simple supply of service. A company that offers integrated logistics services, works alongside its customer, and  supports them  in the growth / achievement of   their  business objectives.

Logistics as an advantage, to be faster on the market

Markets change quickly, and being able to   respond  quickly to  these changes increasingly translates into the opportunity to resist, not disappear, grow. To put it another way, being quick to market  makes all the difference.

By Evelyn