brochure printing in Barrie, ON

Yard signs as some of you would know it by the name of lawn signs, bandit signs, etc.  These are small signs of advertising that are placed on the street facing the lawn area for every passersby to see. These are usually displayed to show your support towards a certain politician, or for supporting an election candidate, etc.  These signs are put by the property owner, sometimes in order to increase their business. You might be wondering that does having yard signs even work to your benefit? Well yes, they do.  There are custom yard signs in Pickering, ON that are made available.

The average height of a lawn/yard sign should be 1 ½ feet tall, in the terms of dimensions it should be of, 24”×18”. They need to be 2 feet wide and 1 ½ feet tall to be of the right size. The custom yard signs are best in providing yard signs that catch the eye of your targeted audience. There are different types of yard signs that help you communicate with clients without always being present there. It is observed that people often have the confusion that can yard signs be vertical? So yes, they definitely can be. These signs are generally used for communicating critical information whenever and wherever needed.

Tips for turning your yard sign to your marketing benefit.

  • Keep them simple and catchy.
    • We can see that the term simplicity is the best policy is very applicable here.
    • It should be simple and straight to the point, having to read unwanted information makes people irritated and loose interest.
    • The way that you can achieve the simple look is by just sticking with the basics such as the name of your business, a catch line and probably your phone number.
  • Keep your yard signs need the perfect place.
    • Yard signs should be kept in a place where they are visible to all people that are walking or travelling past, not extremely inside and not so out that they are practically sitting on the road.

By Evelyn