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WWII Army - Air Force Patch
864th Engineer Battalion
WWII Battalion Patches
Photo by: Sharon Rugh
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Site by: Bob George & Donn "Doc" Dade
Owi.........An "Island of Death"

WWII Poster
Donn Dade:
I just happened to hear of your website and was so pleasantly surprised when I found all the references to the 864th EAB. First, I must congratulate you on your fantastic job in creating the wonderful website. It's GREAT! I was in the 864th almost from its inception. It started in December of 1942 at Geiger Field WA and I landed there in March. I was with them thruout WWII serving in the SWP theater. I was topo draftsman in S-3. After the war we all went our separate ways but in 1984, one of our guys decided to get us together for a reunion. We had so much fun that we decided to have a reunion every year which we have done, each year in a different part of the country since we are from all over. I became historian of our group and in 1995, I was asked to write a history of our unit which I did. It was distributed in 1996 to members of our group to relate to our families the part we played. Last year, much to my amazement, I discovered it listed on Amazon but as 'unavailable' and wondered how it happened. I had sent a copy to Indiana Senator Dick Lugar who was soliciting vets stories. He had forwarded it to the Library of Congress and that is where Amazon picked it up. I decided to enlarge my original story and jazz it up a little and make it available! It is now listed with Amazon and is available. It's 'Aviation Engineers Avenging Pearl Harbor' Enough background! My reason for contacting you is to see if one of your group has picked up where I left off telling your experiences and accomplishments during the Korean War. If not, it is high time! The clock is ticking and we think it is important. The term Aviation was confused with Airborne and many people even then didn't understand just what we did and who we were. How I've found the right person to promote this project!
BoB George
P.S. I have wanted to set up a website for our WWII group but haven't the smarts to even start
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