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Note to all Vietnam Army Engineers - Veterans Issue Enter: VN Engineer Web Site

Are looking for one of your old Vietnam Brothers or Sisters?
(We well help all Veterans, no matter what War or time period)
Let AVN help you find them, it’s 100% FREE for our American Veterans.

Our volunteers are American Veterans or a family member. Volunteers that are willing to help you for free- that is right. Free. We don't take donations; we don't require memberships or any of that nonsense to find your old Viet Nam buddies. The site is 100% free

Let one of our researchers help you.
Information needed

1. Your name
2. Your phone number (One of our researchers will call you when looking for you buddy or buddies.)
3. Name of you buddy (Buddies) youre looking for.
4. time period in Vietnam
5. Any and all information that might help us Locate your buddy.
Its that easy
Our Guarantee
The only guarantee we can give you is, we well do our best to locate your buddy for you.

AVN Research Team
Contact our researchers

Brian A. Bobek bbhog@sbcglobal.net
Michigan Office 586-239-8498
573rd and 617th Engineer Companies Vietnam

Donn Beheathland Dade donn@dadeforum.com
California Office 559-2574765 3
Tours 864th HHC and 610th company Engineer Battalion Vietnam

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